Future of Agriculture 036: $1.5 Billion in Agricultural Research With Dr. Shannon Hauf Monsanto

I recently had the opportunity to attend a media event held by Monsanto announcing the new project initiatives that the company will be unveiling in 2017. The information, research, and development that this company has invested to bring better technology and products to the agriculture industry is simply amazing.

On this week’s episode, I’m talking with Dr. Shannon Hauf of Monsanto. Dr. Hauf graduated with a background in plant breeding and weed science, then later, she began working at Monsanto where she became experienced in many fields and departments, including pricing, sales, product strategies, and currently leading her own team within the company.

She shares her insight into some of the new products the company will be launching this year, how they hope this new technology will help farmers and others within the agriculture industry, explains what “biologicals” and “digital agriculture” are and why they are important aspects farmers should consider on their farms. She also offers her advice to agriculture graduates on how the market is changing and how they should embrace these changes.


“There’s room for all types of food on the dinner plate.” – Dr. Shannon Hauf


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • Hauf explains what her role is at Monsanto, her responsibilities at the company, and the type of projects her team focuses on.
  • She explains what the term “biologicals” means in the agriculture industry and why focusing on this area is important to the future of the industry.
  • She shares how ideas at the company evolve into projects and how long it typically takes for a new product to be released to the public.
  • She explains how agricultural professionals can help educate consumers about biological advancements and the benefits in their field.
  • She explains how the company is looking at the “colony death” problem plaguing the honeybee population and what technology integrations they are using to investigate and resolve the issue.
  • She explains what Climate Corp is and why Monsanto acquired the company.
  • She shares where Monsanto hopes to expand their services and products and why they believe they can help improve the future of agriculture in these areas.
  • We discuss the product initiatives the company is unveiling this year and which ones she’s most excited about.
  • She explains why it takes Monsanto 12 years to launch new agriculture technologies and products into the mainstream agricultural population.


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